Integrity WallTM is a patented, next-generation, load-bearing wall panel system designed for superior structural performance with cost and schedule advantages.  Offered as a complete Design/Build system with single-source responsibility for success!
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Senior Living
An Integrity Walltm, load-bearing panelized structure with an efficient floor structure, like the Vulcraft Ecospan composite floor system, is ideal for the program needs of the hospitality, multi-family and aging services market.
Design Flexibility:
Structural load-bearing wall systems are most efficient when arrayed corridor to exterior where the superior span advantage of an open-web steel joist spans where no other system can.  Double-loaded corridors are excellent arrangements for IL, AL, SN and Supportive living.  Integrity Walltm is engineered to meet the program requirements for space and adjacencies with minimal design constraint.  Demising partitions cane be located independent of structural walls.
Integrity Walltm is unrivaled for strength to weight performance.  The 4" HSS Tube and the MC6 x15.1 load distribution member on the top of every panel efficiently handles more load at less weight than any other structural system.  All welded construction and corrosion-resistive components insure performance for the life of the structure.  The lighter structure foundation costs - ideal for poor soils.
Thermal and Acoustical:
the 6" cavity with unique 2" center space is ideal for energy efficiency.  The interioe panels provide the added utility space for insulated pipes while meeting high STC values.  The Ecospan rated and tested assemblies meet IIC and STC performance requirements without additional materials..
Code Compliance:
Both Integrity Walltm and the Vulcraft Ecospan system have rated assemblies to meet every code requirement.  Integrity Walltm meets the City of Chicago 4-hour test requirement.  The Ecospan system has multiple UL assemblies for design flexibility; rated up yo 3-hours.
The standard 6" width of all Integrity Walltm panels provides better utility function and reduce rough-in trade costs.  The open web joist space provides concealment for pipe and duct without expensive bulkheads and soffits.  Larger wall openings are possible without expensive additional structural components.
Sustainable Architecture:
LEED point contributions is possible; steel has high recycled material content and factory efficiencies significantly reduce waste..