Integrity WallTM is a patented, next-generation, load-bearing wall panel system designed for superior structural performance with cost and schedule advantages.  Offered as a complete Design/Build system with single-source responsibility for success!
Integrity WallTM Product Information
The Structural Wall Panel System Solution for Mid-Rise Projects:
Integrity Walltm, a revolutionary building system based on a simple, innovative, high-efficiency steel wall panel design.  Integrity Walltm is engineered for incredible strength, flexibility, cost and schedule savings, and increased design versatility.
Integrity Walltm panels are shipped and erected efficiently in less time and with better results than conventional stick framing or Cold-Formed Steel panel systems.  Using our panels with a composite floor system allows designs to achieve longer free spanning decks without load-bearing partitions.
Integrity Walltm is efficient and cost effective for use in Hospitality Dormitories, Multi-family living, senior living, office and retail spaces.  Integrity Walltm is engineered to meet most design requirements.  Wall panels of varying sizes in length up to 32 feet make it possible to start and finish in significantly less time than job systems.  Panel heights up to 12 foot 5 inches are standard.  Options to stack panels can be engineered for greater height.
Factory Efficiency:
Being the first AISC certified panel fabricator means Integrity Walltm is manufactured in an experienced, high-efficiency plant under rigorous quality control processes to rapidly furnish consistent and precision crafted panels.  The panels are shipped vertically to the jobsite on our fleet of custom-built trailers for efficiency and minimization of potential transport or weather damage. Our precision crafted panels are delivered and erected without problems or the weather delays which plague other panel systems.
Labor and material efficiencies are reflected in the final costs.  Integrity Walltm is designed with an economy of materials and a little waste.  Production efficiency is far superior to field built systems and panels arrive ready for placement.
No Vertical Framing Alignment:
Integrity Walltm includes a LDM [load Distribution Member] that eliminates the critical vertical alignment required by other systems.  Joist layout is independent of stud spacing for flexibility of design and field adjustments.  Design of larger openings are possible without additional steel.
Integrity Walltm is a highly efficient shearwall panel with R-Values that exceed conventionally constructed systems.  The panels have been tested for 1, 2 and 4 hour ratings. Higher efficiency means less shearwall and potentially, the complete elimination of CMU or concrete cores in certain application.  Shear panels are erected with the load bearing panels ending the nightmare of multiple trade coordination.
Integrity Walltm allows for faster cycle times.  Walls go up quickly and floor systems start sooner for concrete placement.  Following trades can start sooner in an efficient protected, and OSHA legal workspace.  No re-shoes or braces are needed
Instant Enclosure:
Integrity Walltm exterior panels are shipped with the sheathing already installed for immediate protection from the elements and a faster start for following trades.  Savings include reduction of hoist costs, earlier access by trades, and reduced winter heating costs.
Lighter Weight:
Integrity Wall'stm lighter structure reduces the imposed weight on foundations and also allows the use of smaller cranes.  Logistics and hoisting become easier in tight footprints.
Green Points:
Integrity Walltm is energy efficient and low waste product.  It helps contribute LEED credits by using a high percentage of recycled steel materials, reduced jobsite waste, and factory assembly.
Integrity Walltm Advantages
Integrity Walltm Product Information
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