Integrity WallTM is a patented, next-generation, load-bearing wall panel system designed for superior structural performance with cost and schedule advantages.  Offered as a complete Design/Build system with single-source responsibility for success!
LEED/GREEN Building Advantages
Green Points:
Integrity Walltm is an energy efficient and low waste product.  It helps contribute points toward LEED certification where other structural systems cannot.

Steel is the most recycled product in the world - more than all other construction materials combined.

Steel contains a minimum of 25% post customer recycled material and is 100% recycleable at the end of it's lifecycle.

Panelizing significally minimizes Job Site Waste [2% steel versus 20% for other types of framing materials]

Steel and Cold-Formed Steel are LEED® recognized products - only product to recieve a default in the program specfications [2 points]

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LEED Information on Building - PDF Format
Integrity Walltm Advantages
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LEED/GREEN Building Advantages
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